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Alpine JS Listing UI - v1.2.4

Explore events scheduled by members of the community and prepare to have loads of fun.

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Modern UI

All you need to build a professional app is there

45 Demos

Listkit offers endless possibilities for your pages

Lifetime Updates

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Active Support

Our support helps you solve any issues you have

Clean Code

Listkit's code is structured and easy to understand

Premium Plugin

Light Gallery JS plugin is included ($18 value)

Fully Responsive

Listkit is built with Bulma, a mobile first framework

Extensive Docs

A nice documentation to help you get started fast

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Dedicated Support

Running through an issue? Our support team is here to help.

Fast Support

We answer your questions asap on our support portal.


An extensive documentation is there to guide you.

Video Tutorials

We record some nice videos to ramp you up easily.

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Request GitHub access and use our private repository.

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Lifetime Updates

Liskit will be updated on a regular basis, for free.

45 Prebuilt Pages

Demo pages

Explore the available layouts

Amazing Features

Modern design

Stunning UI

Listkit features a well designed and handcrafted UI with everything you would possibly need when thinking about creating a listing website. Create a memorable website with a UI that will seduce your customers and users.

Solid structure

Clean codebase

Listkit is built on top of a Gulp based ES6 project setup. This simply means that you'll be able to write modern javascript easily and seamlessly. Sass compilation is also at its best, leveraging the power of the Dart-Sass compiler.

Modern Framework

Alpine JS

Listkit leverages the power of the recently born Alpine JS v3.x. Alpine is a rugged, minimal tool for composing behavior directly in your markup. Think of it like jQuery for the modern web. Plop in a script tag and get going.

Easy partials

HTML Compilation

Listkit uses a flat file compiler named Panini. Panini is a very powerful tool that drastically improves your code reusability by easily letting you create HTML partials and layouts that can be reused everywhere.

Bulma Framework

Modular CSS

Listkit uses Dart-Sass, which is the latest Sass compilation standard. Listkit styles are divided in small chunks of code that you can use or remove from your application with minimum effort. Variables will also help you speed up your development.


45 Prebuilt pages

Listkit ships with a lot of prebuilt pages to help you build your project as fast as possible, without losing quality. You can also easily copy and paste sections from different pages to create original layouts.

For Everything


Listkit is a multipurpose listing UI kit. It is not limited to housing like other popular services. It is also made for any type of event booking and travel / trips management. Featured content will of course continue to grow with future updates.

Mobile First

Ultra Responsive

Listkit is built on top of the very popular Bulma CSS Framework. Bulma is a free, open source framework that provides ready-to-use frontend components that you can easily combine to build responsive web interfaces.


Nice Plugins

Listkit ships with a curated high quality list of plugins. Most of them are Open Source but some are premium. You don't have to worry about it since they are licensed with the product. Listkit also supports Alpine V3 plugins.

All Inclusive

Cool Vectors

At Css Ninja, we've always made our best to build high quality products. We believe that illustrations and graphic assets are part of a high quality visual and this is why we include all the graphics in our templates (Photos are not included, See this link).


Easy Theming

With the power of Sass, Liskit customization is very easy. You can implement your branding litteraly in a matter of minutes simply by changing the color variables implemented by Listkit. Change the $primary color variable, and that's it.

Updates & Support

Active Support

Listkit includes an extensive documentation that covers all the basic things you need to know before running the template and starting to work with it. You can also contact us anytime and open a ticket on our Support Portal.

Why choose Liskit?

Focused on UI and CSS

Liskit is a template that mainly focuses on UI. Of course you'll find some javascript inside, but only for presentation purpose. We've reduced the javascript to it's minimum so you can focus on importing UI in your project.

Fast Development

Liskit ships with a nodejs development server that will assist you when customizing the template. Panini handles HTML compilation while Gulp recompiles your SCSS and Javascript code, and Browser Sync refreshes the page each time you hit the save trigger in your favorite editor.

Extensive Documentation

Liskit's documentation will be a precious ally, as the template has a solid codebase, and a lot of files. Read carefully the docs, all you need to know for an optimal development experience is there, even if you still are a beginner.

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